Just the way we are…


What have just awaken my sleep in this cold night? What have just brought his name out of my lips? The sweet dream is getting cruel and the silent night had lost its comfort.

Nights go through me as they steal my heart through the drowsy eyes till I miss you no more!

Oh how painful it is to be healed, how painful it is to sleep at night.

I’m looking into tomorrow that we would look at each others and smile seeing the memories that gathered our days and ached our hearts.

Days are passing again but  my wounded heart seems to be still aching, sometimes I sleep at night and there were moments I forgot to think of you, I think my heart is no longer beating and the sweet memory is still keeps on repeating, I can gaze into life horizons and see the hidden beauty laying in there, but never knew how bitter could that be, to look beyond the days and see how clear is tomorrow. Tasteless success I have reached, dragged myself into this disturbing peace.

Well, a crazy thought had just came to me as I was flipping through some old memories in my head, remembering things the way they used to be, wondering why we always miss things the way they used to be though we remember very well that each and every day is just a temporary then, but somehow we manage to look through the past as the place we belong.