Holding on the things that makes you smile.

There’s this special place in my closet to keep things that my Loved one gave.  These things doesn’t only take place in my closet but in my heart too.  I kept them inside and kept it with care as am scared it may lost.

It’s not just losing frightens me, the memories hurts me with bitterness and sweetness. Leaving me only memories to be remembered by the  whispers, lullabies and smell of his perfume.   Its strange as it may seem, the things that stick the most in my head are the simplest, it’s not the days but the moments that fulfils my memories. And as i should not be afraid to dream, i should dare to remember too. Yes, the moments was ended but the love is still there.  The love that beautify my life, the person that makes me smile  the love we shared and the sweet moments we once had. Its natural to feel the sweetness in pain for there are things in life that worth to be remembered no matter how painful they may be.