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Life is what we make it

When we are talking about feelings, we shouldn’t think of diplomas, educational attainment or status in life. This feeling sets themselves apart from what is tangible and measurable by money or intelligence. In most instances, heart and not mind is breaking the rules. There are times when our mind says what is right, but our heart is so stubborn.

Even we are aware that we are at the losing end, we let ourselves involved to a situation that is no permanence. Life leaves us with no options but to live a miserable life.

I believe that this is the line that would end. I should have a relationship with countless men who are most of them, I became the subject of their fantasy and desire. I did put an end to this quest because I know what could be lie on the boundary that I’m trying to cross.



There’s nothing wrong on what we feel, what makes it wrong is when we act foolishly to justify and satisfy our desires. We should not let our heart to rule over our mind. There’s nothing wrong in looking with someone we love, but it is better to love someone who can love us back just as much without breaking the rules. Someone we can be with, without pushing others at the side. Someone who can made us feel important, someone who can love us in a different way and someone we can share our lives with, forever.

Its just a matter of time. Life is a matter of choice and not a chance. Life is what we make it.



I love life and treasure every moment as it comes. I don't need to rush into things, I want to experience every second of good things that life offers. I am passionate at all times, love to meet people who are sincere and honest, love to be alone and homebody. Im already at the midst of my life (don't even know if this' already at the edge) but i feel that i still need to learn lot of things, never get tired, in short Bipolar! Seriously, sometimes I am on the point that I feel i am alone and empty, always misunderstood and sometimes unloved and used. But i entrust everything in HIM, who knows best.

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