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Let us love ourselves

When someone we love betrays us, we sometimes thought that its already end of the world. So many questions that does not have an answer and there’s always this lingering pain.  A pain that seems never go away no matter what we do. There are always traces of that person in our thoughts and we always look back with regret, regret a lot of things that we have done and never done.

I believe that the most difficult thing that we can do is to forgive those who hurt us. I honestly believe that the first step is forgiveness. Let us forgive ourselves for loving too much, and for allowing others to hurt us. Learn to forgive others for betraying, confusing and hurting us. Instead of blame, let us allow ourselves to receive the gift of forgiveness. This is the only way to the path of healing.

Instead of searching for an answer and asking the reason why people leave us, we should think of ourselves and realize our worth and believe that we deserve someone better. If someone betrays us for who we are, then that person is looking for someone that we are not. We simply do not deserve them.

We have to give ourselves a permission to heal. Let us not waste our time and energy to those who never appreciate our presence. Let us love ourselves and we should tell to ourselves that we don’t deserve to be treated this way! Live our life not relying on others for our happiness but faith on ourselves.

We are all beautiful and we deserve to be happy.


Learn from our experiences and know that no matter how long we spend loving someone who betrayed us, there are always enough time to pick up the pieces. Forgive, trust and eventually find love again.




I love life and treasure every moment as it comes. I don't need to rush into things, I want to experience every second of good things that life offers. I am passionate at all times, love to meet people who are sincere and honest, love to be alone and homebody. Im already at the midst of my life (don't even know if this' already at the edge) but i feel that i still need to learn lot of things, never get tired, in short Bipolar! Seriously, sometimes I am on the point that I feel i am alone and empty, always misunderstood and sometimes unloved and used. But i entrust everything in HIM, who knows best.

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