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A time for us

There are many moments in a relationship that we are driven to compete with our partners. Our family, friends or even our job become the center of the sensitive issues. We are fighting on how much time we should spend to one another. We begin to selfishly demand for time, that sometimes we have so little of. Most people are arguing on how important spending time with one another. Competition and jealousy is like a poisons that kill a relationship. Sometimes we found out how devastating they are when its too late.


Physical presence is very important to a relationship. But in this demanding and challenging world, we should understand our demands. We can spend the day with someone but our hearts and minds are wandering around and far from the person beside us. But we can also spend just a few minutes to that person, and yet, make you feel important and loved.   It’s not a question of how much time we spend with the people we love, but the quality of time that we spend with them. It is not the amount of time that we put into loving someone but it’s the amount of love that we put in the time we spend to that person. When we are challenged with our relationship. We tempt to go away just to prove what we want, to satisfy our ego and hurt the people who love us.



I love life and treasure every moment as it comes. I don't need to rush into things, I want to experience every second of good things that life offers. I am passionate at all times, love to meet people who are sincere and honest, love to be alone and homebody. Im already at the midst of my life (don't even know if this' already at the edge) but i feel that i still need to learn lot of things, never get tired, in short Bipolar! Seriously, sometimes I am on the point that I feel i am alone and empty, always misunderstood and sometimes unloved and used. But i entrust everything in HIM, who knows best.

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