What lies ahead

I am working in one of the biggest firm in town. It was during my first few days in work when I met this guy. He was a typical boy next door kind of, someone who can lean in times of trouble. We were in the same department that’s why we became close, so close actually that lot of people misinterpreted our closeness, rumors started to spread but it never bothers me. We both know what are our limits. We are both in relationship to others but this brought us even closer to each other. We are sharing insights about love, we talk about relationships, and we are always truthful and honest to our comments. He is like a brother to me. I guess only a bit deeper, I felt I was so special to him.

Then came a time when destiny chose to break my heart. I was heartbroken but I was never alone because I was with him. He never left me. He knew that I needed someone to ease the pain. But fate never satisfied by just hurting me emotionally, fate had hurt me physically too. I suffered from too much pain that medicines couldn’t cure. No medicines could also helped me relieved my pain. I am physically fit but science couldn’t define my illness. I always passed out for no reasons. I was advised to take rest, but I was so stubborn. After few weeks, time was good to me. I went back to work and I was really looking forward of seeing him again.

Many thought was running in my mind. I was thinking of stories, I planned to tell him. I really wanted to catch up thing I have missed.

Was it destiny or coincidence? We met while an the way to our office, I didn’t know but the moment I saw him he took me in his arms and embraced me tightly. He kissed me but I didn’t resist. He told me how much he missed me. We used to tell how much we missed each other when we are not together, but this time it is different! But I never pay attention to that newly found feeling. I was battling with my thoughts; I didn’t know what he felt, all I knew he never leaved my side. Since then we became closer and I spent most of my time with him. I realized that I wanted so much with him.

One day, he came and asked me to go with him for trekking, I never really understand why but it was a happy but all was ended. We were walking towards the dark part of the forest. There were two diverged roads and after that he disappear. I wanted to go back to see the other side of the road but at the back of my head I was thinking that he walk ahead and if I will go back I might lost him. I never realized that it would be the last time I will be with him. cropped-wildflowers.jpg 

Then suddenly I WOKE UP! All is just a DREAM! It’s so stupid! I never thought I allow those things to happen. I felt regretting and I was crying. I can still feel the pain and tears starts to fall. I don’t know exactly why I dreamed but I am always dreaming of the same scenario. It seems it is real, It is magic but I am lost. I don’t know what to do. There are times that I don’t want to wake up; I wanted to know what would happen. I wanted to know what lies ahead!




True Essence of Beauty

Do you think being ugly can really make the world of difference?

If we want to be accepted by people we should be faithful to them, we can’t live all our life making excuses for what we do not have. We could not lie all the time to cover up our weaknesses and shortfall. The beauty that our eyes can behold is only skin-deep. This is the beauty that is fading and shrunken over time. What is ageless is the beauty of our hearts. It is the beauty beyond what our eyes can see that really matters. We are thinking that people will not like us because we are ugly, then we are wrong. If we don’t learn to love ourselves then we will never find anyone who can love us the way we want them to.

heart.jpgIf we could not accept what God is given us then we could not find anyone who can love us just the way we are. We should not live in sadness, don’t cast ourselves away from the world.

I believe that all of us deserves to be happy, whatever status we have in life. Whoever we are, if we find someone who rejects us because of our look, then what we found is not a friend but someone who uses his eyes and not his heart to search the real beauty.

We are not alone. Many of us are waking up in front of the mirror and asking why there are people that are more beautiful and lucky than us.

Everyday we see beautiful people and we wonder why we are not? Let us remember that what we look outside would matter only for a while, the true color of the heart and what’s inside is more than enough. Beauty is not measured by counting how many people turn their heads when we pass by.

The life that we changed because of our kindness and compassion is the true essence of beauty.

It is the true measure of beauty that is pure and ageless.