Friends with Benefits

Sometimes we feel that it is better to sacrifice what we felt rather than be rejected.  But then it’s better to be in love rather than not because we scared to fall.  We can no longer deny that most of us are having an affair without the commitment, many are practicing friendships with benefits, enjoying a benefits of being boyfriends or girlfriends minus the commitment that bind each other. This kind of arrangement is fine for as long as the couples are focus to each other.  The greatest challenged happens when someone comes into the picture and steals the scene. And the moment one deviates his /her attention to someone else then this imbalance keeps the relationship off and puts more often than not the women on the losing edge.

Let us always remember that there would be better partners than what we have right now. It’s difficult to find ways to keep the relationship alive and keep our heart from dying inside. All relationship have an emotional investment and could not just give up someone without some kind of loss.


Intimacy is never a stable foundation of a relationship because real relationships are built on feelings and not only on physical convenience. We maybe enjoying the perks of companion but we really don’t know who we are on the feelings of our partner.  If our partner loves us because of physical thing then, it shouldn’t be the reason to hold on. He is only using us for his fantasy.  We should accept the fact that it is not love but it is an abuse.  This should not happen because if we love ourselves then we should not allow anyone to take advantage of us.

There’s nothing wrong with making love, as the word itself describes it. It is not about needs being fulfilled, it is about loving a person and wanting to be with that person not for physical wants but out of sincere and profound love.

We need to play a fair game, for as long as we can, within the bounds of reasons of course. If we win, then we deserve them. But if we lose it is mean that its not meant for us. We do not fail when we lose the love that we have fought for. We only fail when we loss the courage to stands for ourselves and fight for our right to be happy. Come to think that being blessed is not always finding someone new to love but in being to continue to love someone whom we have had and making that love grow each and every single day.


Love yourself and love will find you

I thought everything was perfect to us until one day he said 
that I should need to forget him. I was totally shock, I asked
myself all sets of questions. My dreams was shuttered, how was
the truth could hurt so badly.  For a time, I was scared to 
face the world. I felt all people wanted to hurt me. At the 
end of the day he proved to all that he is a responsible man. All he said was sorry.  I look straight to his eyes but his 
tears melted my heart instantly.  

I cried enough, but the person who am I shedding tears, don’t deserve it.

It’s a sad fact!

It is really painful if the one we love will leave us.  Sometimes we can think to end our sufferings but even how much it hurt, we don’t have reason to think of something that can hurt ourselves.

People do irrational things when someone they sincerely love, purposely hurt them. But we never think that whatever we do will never change anything nor this will make a difference to those who doesn’t care about us.  We are only making ourselves to become a victim of being desperate and we fell into a pit of sadness.

We need to be strong.  We shouldn’t allow failures to take away our dreams in finding happiness.  There’s a reason why God allow failures and sufferings happen in our life.

roseIt is really painful but this will make us stronger and better person.  There’s life even several failed relationships.  There is hope even all our efforts in finding the right person are failed.  We need to be strong in our faith because good things comes to those who believe and strive to be happy inspite of the pain that lingers in our hearts.  Love yourself and love will find you.   Trials will make us stronger, it also gives us strength to face tomorrow with faith and hope that there is still a person who will truly love us after we fall.