Money can’t buy Love♥

In today’s world, many of us could not see the real value of people that really matters. Many are very particular with what they have, they no longer consider the value of a person around them. The most important are material things rather than intangible ones. True love cannot be measured by how much a man he has in his pocket nor on how much material things he can provide.

Many wishes for a secure future with the man they chose.


From a practical perspective love alone is not enough to ensure smooth and harmonious relationship. The day-to-day challenges of living a life together go beyond that of which love can provide. Financial security is very important in all aspects of life it is not definitive but it is certainly affects the way we look at our lives in the context of our relationship.

Now the big question is, the man we love or the man who promises us financial security. Always give others a chance to be the man they deserve.  If one really value the relationship, he will not allow you to complete him but rather inspire him to become a better person for you. The true measure of love is we strive best for the person we love.

Remember..more than good looks and money the man who become successful are the man who dream big and works hard to achieve those dreams.