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True Essence of Beauty

Do you think being ugly can really make the world of difference?

If we want to be accepted by people we should be faithful to them, we can’t live all our life making excuses for what we do not have. We could not lie all the time to cover up our weaknesses and shortfall. The beauty that our eyes can behold is only skin-deep. This is the beauty that is fading and shrunken over time. What is ageless is the beauty of our hearts. It is the beauty beyond what our eyes can see that really matters. We are thinking that people will not like us because we are ugly, then we are wrong. If we don’t learn to love ourselves then we will never find anyone who can love us the way we want them to.

heart.jpgIf we could not accept what God is given us then we could not find anyone who can love us just the way we are. We should not live in sadness, don’t cast ourselves away from the world.

I believe that all of us deserves to be happy, whatever status we have in life. Whoever we are, if we find someone who rejects us because of our look, then what we found is not a friend but someone who uses his eyes and not his heart to search the real beauty.

We are not alone. Many of us are waking up in front of the mirror and asking why there are people that are more beautiful and lucky than us.

Everyday we see beautiful people and we wonder why we are not? Let us remember that what we look outside would matter only for a while, the true color of the heart and what’s inside is more than enough. Beauty is not measured by counting how many people turn their heads when we pass by.

The life that we changed because of our kindness and compassion is the true essence of beauty.

It is the true measure of beauty that is pure and ageless.

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God knows what’s best for us♥♥♥♥♥

Like Women, Men can also make signs that are difficult to comprehend. It is true that there’s difference between somebody you wants to and somebody who would do anything to keep you. The later may like a real love at first but it is could also be selfishly motivated. Sometimes it is better to believe people on what they do than what they say. You might find this hard to accept but people may say they loves you not because they really do.

Sometimes we make ourselves believe that someone loved us. Love is when someone’s happiness is more important than ours. If we truly love someone, we don’t allow ourselves to be the reason to other’s become heart stumble. Let us always remember that love more than ourselves is a decision, it is a decision when we choose to love or not to love someone and this decision should not be based on how we feel but on how we know and what we believe is right. When feelings and emotions gets too strong it is always sensible to pray for peace, clarity and direction. God knows what’s best for us and one should find comfort in knowing that we are exactly what God want us to be now for a good reason.

19401635_1741812269169341_51912579_oTime and again, we cannot forget the people we love, we just need to accept what God have gives us without bitterness but gratitude for allowing us to experience love.

Sometimes moving on is not about forgetting the person that hurt us. Moving on is giving ourselves to love someone who is more deserving. Someone who make loving easy and definitely worth it.


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Life goes on and on.

In this modern days and age saying I love you to many is just saying Hello. Somewhere along the way it have lost the real meaning of love. I remember a young girl saying being in love with someone is when you care deeply with someone that their being is really matters to you. Seeing them happy makes you happy and you would do anything to keep them happy even it means sacrificing your own happiness. Love is when you give up your life for that person. This may seem like a fairy tale definition but I believe that love is more ways than want, it is more about be with other person than ourselves.

There are daggers in a smile of someone, because not all says it mean it. They just make a preposition that you cannot resists. It is because they knew that you love them, they only took advantage of every situation.

I believe there’s nothing wrong in loving a person, it is what we do when we think we really love the person but sometimes lead us to the wrong decision that we regret in the end and carry a long life consequences. Sometimes we do follow our heart but we need to bring our brain with us. No matter how hopeless, lonely and empty life seems to be, it is not!

15055831_1260938210633556_79383082913964349_nNo one dies in shame, there is a lesson in every mistake that we make and it is not what happen in our life that defines us, but how we respond to that to reveal our true character. Remember, it is not important of how others think of us, what is important is who we are in Christ. He sees us in a way that no else does. He understands us that nobody else does.

There is hope in all of this. You are not alone in this struggle. There are people around who are concerned. Don’t lose hope for it is hope that leads us to the truth.

This is not the end of our story, God is bigger than our problems and it is when we allow our faith to be bigger than our fears that find peace in all this madness that breaks our hearts.

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The best is yet to come

I haven’t see any reason for you to let go of your friendship in spite of your bitter past.  Your friendship is the only one left, so why would you choose to let go?  There’s nothing wrong if you wonder unless you are still hoping that you will still involved with him. There’s also nothing wrong if you still care to the person that once you loved with.  It is only when you expect something in return that you may hurt again.  Be glad that someone found his refuge, let this be the time to show him that you still care for him and his happiness is also your happiness.  Remember if it is unselfish love that you will give, it is unselfish love that you will get.  This is the only road for a new and very good relationship with someone.  If it is not, be thankful just the same because you have just given the chance to show him that you have loved and been hurt but you have forgiven and love again.


Sometimes we love so much but we failed to realized that we are already choking our relationship.  We never own a person we love, we just have to loved them and give them the freedom and space to make choices in their lives.  All we have to do is let them know that when they fall, we are always there to comfort them and catch them.  When we fail in our relationships, we asks ourselves… What happen? What went wrong?  There are times when there was nothing wrong.  Sometimes love just naturally fades away and this happens for people who are simply not meant for each other.  We knew that sometimes its difficult to understand why things went wrong and we never expect things to happen. But we could not do away from things that meant to happen.  People we treasure are taken away from us for a reason.  Sometimes we have to stop asking why and just accept our fate.  We should stop being bitter and just be thankful that for once we have loved and shared our lives who would made beautiful memories with together.  For accepting this fact would give us the courage to move on and make us realize that when God takes away something from us, he doesn’t mean to hurt us.  He takes it away because he want us to have something better.

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What keeps me going?

img_1674Its two o’clock in the morning and here I am, struggling to sleep in this chaos and quite midnight, listening to a never ending classical music, sounds that has always been a great inspiration to me, it speak a language that only the heart could understand. I keep on staring at the old books. Old books that have variety of covers that truly inspired me! Books obviously my comforter, it seems it embraces me, helps me to overcome the bumpy road I have to go through and keeps me going. People around me called me hopeless. At a young age I had to struggle financially just to achieve my dream. It’s an eye opening for the unfairness of life the only thing that keeps me going is my passion. Even in my worst time it sometimes turns into a greatest blessing, every obstacle had made me stronger. I live with faith and it makes me the person I want to become. This words serves as my inspiration “if you only believe in yourself, nothing in the world could stop you from reaching the top, to keep our heads up when there’s nothing to look for, to stand where it hurts the most and keep walking to our dreams even if it seems like a dead end at the moment, the rough rocks in our way could make a good bridge to the place we wish to be.