What keeps me going?


Its two o’clock in the morning and here I am, struggling to sleep in this chaos and quite midnight, listening to a never ending classical music, sounds that has always been a great inspiration to me, it speak a language that only the heart could understand. I keep on staring at the old books. Old books that have variety of covers that truly inspired me! Books obviously my comforter, it seems it embraces me, helps me to overcome the bumpy road I have to go through and keeps me going. People around me called me hopeless. At a young age I had to struggle financially just to achieve my dream. It’s an eye opening for the unfairness of life the only thing that keeps me going is my passion. Even in my worst time it sometimes turns into a greatest blessing, every obstacle had made me stronger. I live with faith and it makes me the person I want to become. This words serves as my inspiration “if you only believe in yourself, nothing in the world could stop you from reaching the top, to keep our heads up when there’s nothing to look for, to stand where it hurts the most and keep walking to our dreams even if it seems like a dead end at the moment, the rough rocks in our way could make a good bridge to the place we wish to be.